Impairment Arcade: Savanna Scene


Project Description

The Impairment Arcade was developed for the Tennessee Highway Safety Office. This simulation uses elements of impairments on each game to demonstrate the difficulty of completing tasks when under the influence, serving as a metaphor for the dangers of driving while drunk, high, or otherwise impaired. Certain games within the scene were playable, including a Claw Machine game with a safari theme. This scene is a low poly African Savanna, and this project was exciting because we were able to make whatever we wanted for each of these games. I created everything in the scene, including the game itself, the animals that move around, and the lighting. This scene was created in Maya and then assembled in Unity with lights and post-processing.
The Water shader is a version of Minion Art’s Stylized Water Shader tutorial ( The Skybox is from Jannik Boysen’s Procedural Skybox tutorial (

Old images before changes

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